Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!

So as you can see by the ticker today is mine and Derek's 3 year anniversary! It seems like longer though, not in a bad way, but when you have been together for 9+ years everything seems to blend together:) If you had told me on my wedding day that in 3 years we would have a baby one week shy of turning one-i probably would have said "i doubt it" but that is what we have and i am loving every minute of it. Wouldn't change it for the world.

I love the story of the first time i really remember meeting Derek. We were both in high school and Rodeo's was have teen night and Better than Ezra was playing (don't act like you were too cool for teen night at Rodeo's) Derek was with a guy friend of mine and they came over to talk to me and derek tried to act cool like he totally knew who i was so i asked him if he knew my name and he said "yep-it is Natalie Smith".....um...nice try but no.....I don't think i saw him again for a long time, but when i did he remembered my name, and i guess the rest is history....

Derek and I are different in lots of ways but we never forget how much we love each other and sweet Beckett. I couldn't ask for a better husband/daddy! So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DEREK-i love you tons!
FYI-just so the whole world knows how much i love derek i will share this...i am forgo-ing any nice anniversary gifts so derek can buy a shotgun! Now if that doesn't say LOVE i don't know what does:)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gator Time!

Derek "petting" the live gator!
Not even sure what to say about this photo....other than Derek sure knows how to pick a gator hunting outfit! Tapping the mouth closed10' of Gator Glory!!! :)

Ok, i must preface this post by saying that I personally don't consider myself to be a redneck, my husband however just might qualify......
For those of you who aren't familiar with the good ole Ross Barnett may not know that it is teaming with creatures...alligators to be exact. My husband's obsession with this started about 3 years ago. Every year in September the wildlife management people open up 2 weekends and allow "Steve Irwin wannabes" to go and shoot themselves a gator. What you probably don't know is in order to kill the gator you have to catch it first while it is STILL ALIVE! This obviously takes some skill and practice-not to mention lots of random "equipment" Two years ago Derek, his dad, brothers and some friends drew a "tag" to go on one of these weekend hunts-you have to be picked out of a lottery of sorts. Anyways, this led to them catching and killing their first alligator. It was like 10' long!!! My father in law still has its head in a freezer and we had "gator" meat for days...I personally never ate any, but if remember correctly my friend Catherine did!
After such beginners luck they have been mildly obsessed with this "sport-like" event. Well obviously I wasn't paying too much attention to the calendar last year when we got pregnant with Beckett and had a due date of the second weekend in September-right smack in the middle of gator season. When i found this out I was very relieved to know that Derek will be sitting that hunt out-i mean, he could never leave me 10 months pregnant and go gator hunting right? Well, wrong-sorta! Due to the nightmare we refer to around here as PUPPPs Beckett came a little early-the Tuesday before opening weekend of gator season. I got out of the hospital on Friday and we had the typical first night at home (i think, i don't really rememeber any of it). Well Saturday rolls around and Derek begins talking like he might try to make the hunt that night. I think in a drug induced stupor i just blew him off, until about 5pm that afternoon when i realized he was serious. To say world war 3 broke out might be an understatement. I was VERY postpartum and went crazy. Well, derek i think knew i would loose it so he lined up his mom to come sit with me that night (my mom had something going on). After some more pain meds, i broke down and let him go. He didn't get home until 2am! I think I won the wife of the year award that night. But my favorite memory of that years hunt was they didn't even get a gator afterall. Don't worry-i rubbed that in their faces for a good month! Looking back i know derek needed sometime out of the house seeing as though he had been in the hospital with me for 4 days, but i always bring this night up when we are taking with people about gator huntin!

Disclaimer: I am sure those of you with kids are saying "i can't believe he left her right after they got home from the hospital like that!" but please don't judge him based on that-he is a great husband and daddy, and we love him-gator hunter and all!

So, where am i going with all of this you ask........well, the reason i have all this time on my hands is because Derek is currently "up river" SCOUTING for gators. This is what they do on the weekends leading up to the hunt-they go look to see where the big ones are. If you are anything like me you are thinking-"just bc they are there now doesn't mean they will be there in 2 weeks does it?" And he quickly informed me that they stay put-it is like their house i guess

Disclaimer #2: When i was 8.5 months pregnant last year i joined derek on one of these "scouting" adventures---All i can say about that is BUGS EVERYWHERE, and i will NEVER EVER EVER put one toe in the reservoir again-nor will any of my children...I can't even begin to guess how many beady yellow eyes i saw starring back at us that night!

.....so next month on the Friday night before our sweet baby's 1st bday party my husband will be kicking off opening night of gator season in a 12' long john boat! I will let you know how this years hunt turns out, but in the meantime....here are some pictures of the whopper they caught that started this so-called frenzy!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Into Everything!

Now that Beckett has started walking he is in to everything! He loves climbing under all the furniture and digging through all the drawers and cabinets.
The puppies are getting bigger. They still haven't opened their eyes yet. One thing i wasn't anticipating is how loud they are during the day. Sometimes i am convinced Koda is smothering one and then when i go out to check the puppy is just hanging out yelping away!
My mom is stranded in Paris right now trying to get home. They were supposed to be home tonight, but that is not going to happen-but i guess if you are going to be stuck somewhere Paris isn't too bad a place! These are just a few pics from the past week.
"what do you mean I am going to get stuck!"
Momma and Beckett after bathtime trying his best to get down
Playing with the remote-his favorite thing after the cell phone!
Cute little lion!
He loves to get all the dish towels out of the drawer and throw them all over the kitchen. I am totally fine with it, but it drives derek crazy bc he considers them "dirty" once they hit the floor, and i am not rewashing them!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

11 Months Already!?!

Don't worry Beckett's 11 month bday didn't go unnoticed with all the excitement yesterday! I can't believe we are a month away from the big 1!!! I guess the biggest thing that has happened is HE IS WALKING....crazy....He started taking steps a few weeks ago and just this weekend he really took off. He still crawls a lot, but i have noticed that half way to his destination he sort of stops and stands up like "oh yeah, i can do it this way!"
I will save all the likes and dislikes for his big report next month, but until then I can assure you he will very soon be chasing puppies all over the place:) And yes i am aware that he looks like an escaped inmate in the pics, but for $2.99 you can't pass up a good ole romper.

*these pics are especially for Mimi (she is out of town and we are missing her bunches!)

Introducing our Newest Additions!!!

Beckett meets his new playmates earlier today!!

Koda had the puppies last night! As you can tell by the pictures we have 7 black ones! How crazy is that-the mom is yellow and the dad is chocolate and we have all blacks! There are 3 girls and 4 boys. All day yesterday i kept telling Derek i thought they were coming soon bc Koda was acting like a lunatic all day, and when he got home he informs me that he doesn't think today is the day. Well i was kinda mad bc i was ready to get this show on the road, so i left and went to Walmart. After i got back i went outside to check on Koda and low and behold there was a puppy! That was at 7:45pm and we went to bed at midnight and there were 6 pups, this morning we woke up to 7! Koda is doing good and we are managing to keep the temp in the garage somewhat under control. I am sure the neighbors were wondering what in the world we were doing in lawn chairs reading magazines in the garage last night:) Actually i am sure they were thinking "look at the rednecks giving their half naked baby a bottle in the garage!!
Anyhow.....they are here safe and sound.....now we just need to find 7 good homes for them! If you or anyone you know is looking for a puppy leave a comment or email me. They are AKC registered with field trial champion bloodlines.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another Bday Question...

Does anyone know where I can get one those big birthday banners painted for Beckett?? The girl i thought i could use is on maternity leave:( Leave a comment if you have any suggestions!

Koda is still pregnant! Today is the 63rd day, so if she doesn't have them tonight then surely they will be here tomorrow. Of course she waits until the weekend is over and derek will be going back to work so i can't take care of her and the puppies along with my baby all alone! Figures!

Friday, August 1, 2008


I really want to make a video with music for Beckett's first year. Does anyone know of any good programs/websites for doing this. I need one that is very user friendly. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions!
Still no puppies, but i think we are getting close. I found Koda buried in my dining room curtains today so i put her in the garage. I am hoping they will come tonight or tomorrow while derek is home! I will keep yall posted......