Saturday, January 31, 2009


On Sunday Feb. 8th from 2-5pm I will be hosting a clothing show for Shrimp and Grits Kids. This is a great line of smocked childrens clothing. What makes it even better is they have GREAT prices, $30-55. You can beat these prices-trust me-i work at a children's clothing store:) They also have shorts, blouses, swimwear, lots of other cute things. You can check out the spring line at
If you would like to come to the show please leave me a comment or send an email and i will get you directions. Also, if you can't come and would like to place an order contact me and i will take care of it for you. Hope to see everyone there!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Speak Up!!!

Ok, so i am in charge of booking the girls beach trip this year in Destin. I am not that familiar with the area so i am looking for suggestions on condos/houses in the area. I know a lot of people go there so i thought i would start here. We are looking for something from Destin to Rosemary or anywhere in between......and a must is it needs to be VERY close to the beach if not on it. So any ideas???? where does everyone stay???

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Outside Fun!

Obviously Koda is always close by.....
Trying to feed leaves to Koda!
Precious little boy! I love him to pieces:)
Pushing mommy in the swing
His new fav thing to do is climb up on tables-such as this one and our coffee table. He will lay on the coffee table and watch tv!
This is what you get when you tell him it is time to go in!
We took advantage of the warm weather this week with outside playtime! Beckett loved it. He has been asking to go outside ever since:)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just plug it in!!

Boring day at home...excuse the fact that the den looks like i run a daycare.....

This is our sweet neice Emmie! She is going to be a big sister in June!! They are having a girl-proving my theory that they will have the girls and we will have the boys:)

Beckett proudly showing his 4 bottom teeth!

Thanks to Mary Katherine and Katie I have pictures!! Who knew i could just plug the cord in the computer....Sad i know, but i have never done it that way. So here are a few pictures more to come later!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

What's for Dinner?

Easy Chili
1 1/2 lbs. ground beef
1/4 onion chopped
1/2 bell pepper chopped
Brown these ingredients together and set aside
1 pack chili seasoning mix
1 can rotel
1 can chopped tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce
1 can pinto or kidney beans
Mix all ingredients and add beef mixture. Simmer for 45min-1hour. Or just do like me and throw it all in the crock pot to simmer all day!! YUM!!

Loving it!!

Ever since i had Beckett my skin has been SOOO dry. I have tried millions of different lotions/creams and couldn't come up with anything that worked. Well, when i was in oxford for the wedding all the bridesmaids got their makeup done at Zoe and the girl recommended this to me. Yes it is a little more than i would like to spend, but IT WORKS GREAT!!! No more dry, flakey skin for me. So, if you find yourself in a similar situation go ahead and fork out the dough for Philosophy Hope in a Jar-you won't be disappointed!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beware of Dog!

Not her best angle, but she is afraid of the camera!
Watching the tennis ball and waiting for derek to say "go get it"

As i mentioned in the previous post we had a little "incident" with koda while we were in Oxford. And yes i realize i have a picture posted, but don't worry it is an old one, because i still can't figure out how to work my new camera. Back to the story.....
We left for oxford on friday leaving Koda in the yard-just so no one thinks we neglect her i must add that derek's brother was going to be feeding her. On Saturday afternoon we find out from Clint that when he came to feed her she was gone. We didn't get too upset bc she is smart and we knew she would come back. Well Saturday night at 3:30am i get a call from a random number and decide not to answer. That morning at 9am i get another call from the family we purchased our house from almost 4 years ago. She informed me that she got a call at 3:30am from the Madison police wanted to know if she was the one who lived in our house. She told him no, but gave them my number. Ok, now i start to panic and call my mom to check on Beckett-he is fine. I then call the random number back that i had ignored earlier that night. And it is none other than the madison police. All the dispatcher can tell me is that 2 dogs came out of our yard and attacked a runner that night!!!! HOLY CRAP!!! All i can't think is "we are going to get suied"
I call our friend back who we bought the house from-they just moved around the corner and asked if he would go check on koda, we went by and said that our dog was in the yard, but she was being very protective and wouldn't let him put her back up-she wouldn't let him step foot in the yard. Now i am convinced something is wrong with her bc normally she is very gentle. I tell derek it must be rabies-he tells me i am crazy:) The officer told me i would have to wait and call back at 11pm to get a full incident report from the dispatcher who was working the shift the night the accident occured. So, i call that night and find out that a man (for some strange reason) was out for his morning jog at 3am and two labs came out of my yard barking/growling at him. He manages to escape and runs around the corner and calls 911. The dogs didn't "bite" him. I am pretty sure Koda would never bite anyone, but i was relived to find out we would not be getting a lawsuit handed over. A police officer was dispatched to our house, but the two dogs wouldn't let him get out of the car. They were barking at him and he was afraid of dogs so he had the dispatcher trying to track us down via phone to get the dogs inside. I still don't know where the other lab came from and i am thinking Koda was just following the other dogs lead. I did tell the cops i was sorry about the incident and it would never happen again, but at the same time i am glad to know that when necessary Koda will be protective-i mean whose to say the runner couldn't have been a robber? So after listening to a lecture on dog safety at 11:30pm i was free to go..and no formal report will be filed on our address unless it happens again.
So....that is the long version of my it obvious that derek is hunting tonight and i have nothing better to do???
I must add that Koda is in NO WAY a harm to anyone who comes to this house. Please don't think i have an out of control dog. She is a lab for crying out loud and lets babies walk all over her. She even babysits beckett for me when i am in the shower:) She does however have a protective streak when she feels if you were thinking of robbing me tonight, i would think again:)

Our Busy Life

Like most people i know i assumed our life would slow down significantly after the holidays. Boy was i wrong! I feel like we have been going non-stop since Christmas. So i guess the best way to catch up is with bullets! I heart bullets....
-We spent a laid back new years in town with friends. Nothing too exciting, but still fun. I got see one of my best friends Matt. He and i became friends in 8th grade. I was convinced he was much cooler than his braided leather belt that looped over and hung to his knees made him out to be and i was totally right...when have been friends ever since!
-Beckett got his first haircut on jan. 6th. It was kinda a sad day for me but his bangs were touching his lips so it had to be done. I had thought about just cutting those, but i wanted it to look even so i let her trim a tiny bit off the back....what really made me cave was when i realized if i didn't do it he would leave looking like he had a business in the front, party in the back mullet!
He did really good the whole time.....PTL for suckers
-In the same week Beckett was at MMO and i got a phone call saying that i needed to come get him bc he has been crying for 2 hours!! Really, what am i going to do with him. The director suggested i just bring him for a hour or so until he gets used to it, so i guess we will start that next week. If anyone has any suggestions on this feel free to share. I just think my child has the most severe case of "mommy obsession" known to man.....
-Then it was off to Oxford where i was in my sweet friend Melinda's wedding. We had the best time. Beckett stayed with his mimi and had a blast. I love love love that i got to spend the weekend with my friends baby free! Melinda was a beautiful bride and Daniel made the best rehersal dinner toast to date....This was also the weekend that Koda got in some trouble...see other post...
-Upon returning from oxford we found out that Derek's uncle, who has been battleing cancer for a while now passed away. So, we loaded up for a last minute trip to Dallas for the funeral then on to Shreveport for the burial all with Beckett in tow!!! Beckett did really well-ten times better than i ever expected, but it was still a tough trip. It was just a long way to go for such a short time, but i guess you gotta do what you gotta do. we got back last night....i have some pics i will share soon...
-Speaking of pictures...I am currently trying to figure out how in the H*** to get these pics of my memory card. I have no idea what is going on. I am starting to think i might need some special software. All of our pics from Christmas on are on this card from my new camera-hence the reason this blog has been pictureless for quite some time.....
So that is our life in a nut shell right now. I have no big plans in the upcoming week and i pray it stays that way:)