Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family Pic

It is very rare that we get a family photo, so i hope you enjoy the two shots we managed to pull off! Derek is looking a little wind-blown following his ride in the golf cart:) I hope everyone had a great Easter!

Golf Carts

Beckett's new obsession is golf carts! Whenever he sees one he starts pitching a fit to "ride" I guess it is no surprise considering his favorite thing to do now is sit in our parked cars and "drive" We went outside to get some pics after lunch and he saw the golf carts first and that was pretty much the end of the photoshoot. His Papa made his day by taking him for a ride in the parking lot!

Lunch at Annandale

Easter 08.....what a difference a year makes!!!!
Wild man!

Derek says this is the last year for the lace romper! But don't worry it also is available in the button on shorts:)

Sweet little boy!

Happy Easter! Lots of pics!

The Easter Bunny was very good to Beckett this year! He finally got the car of his dreams! He loves this car. Every time we went to one of his friends houses that had one he would fight to ride in it all night. Just ask Leighton-she has been his victim many of times:) The easter bunny found a car on sale and has been hiding it for months! He has been in it all day. I had to pry him out to go to church and lunch. He wanted to bring it with us! He also got some cute wellies. Momma is loving these bc he can put them on all by himself!