Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's New to Me....

I have had a few people ask me recently what products i have been using with Lilla that i didn't use or didn't know about with Beckett. For the most part i use all the same things i did with Beckett this go round, but i added a few new things. The only major thing i know we didn't bother with this time was the Diaper Genie. I just use a little wicker trash bag lined with Walmart bags in it works just fine. Here are a few of the things i consider must haves for
baby #2.....
The Moby Wrap. We tried a sling with Beckett and I hated it. I felt like he was at my knees all the time. We are doing some traveling in the next few months and i really think being able to "wear" lilla will be to my advantage, especially in airports. So after some research i decide to pick up one of these at BabiesRUs. It is pretty intimidating when you first look at it, but i was able to get in on correctly on my first try with help from the book and now i am hooked! It only cost $40 and so for the money i think it is a great purchase. I think the secret to "baby wearing" is practice makes perfect. And yes i do feel more in touch with my inner hippie:)

My Breast Friend. All i can say about this little miracle is, I breastfeed. Alot. It is the best nursing pillow hands down. Don't waste your time with the other kind. This one rocks bc you can walk around with it as long as you keep one hand on the baby:)

Luna Lullaby Swaddle Blankets. I am sure most of you know i work at a childrens boutique. We sell these there and I always thought they looked like a great product. I never swaddled Beckett bc he seemed to hate it so much and he slept in his swing so much in the beginning. I decided with Lilla I was going to do my best to swaddle her at night to help with her sleep routine. And now i am hooked! I think it really helps her get good, uninterupted sleep. These blankets are great for summer bc they are "muslin" type material so they are not too hot and very easy to wrap them securely.

Baby Bathtub: So i know this sounds like something pretty basic, but with Beckett i just used one of the $10 bath "hammack" looking things. It worked well in the sink at our old house and I really have no complaints about it. However, Beckett really likes to help with Lilla's bathtime and I feel much more secure having him around her when she is in the tub. The hammack was more of a balancing act and since i am also trying to keep an eye on him when he is "helping" it was kinda hard to do, so in came a baby tub. And yes it takes up tons of space and it is cumbersome, but until i can just put them in the tub together i see no other way to do it.

2 months of Fun!

Like brother, Like sister:)

Lilla had her 2 month appointment this past week. Technically she was 9 weeks, but whose counting:) Dr. R said she looked great and was obviously doing well breastfeeding. She got her shots and only cried for a couple of seconds afterwards.
What Lilla Loves:
Being swaddled (we are using Luna Lullaby blankets and LOVE them)
Chilling in the new Moby Wrap
watching the fan
the mobile on the crib
the Owl painting in her room-she could stare at it all day:)
being held

What Lilla doesn't Love:
Being hungry
Being ignored when awake
getting in her carseat (once we are in the car she is usually fine though)
So far that is about it....she has been pretty easy so far!
Stats from the 8/9 week checkup:
Weight: 12 lbs 2 oz, 75th percentile
Height: 22 1/2 in., 50th percentile
Head: 38.75cm, 50th percentile

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Beckett!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Beckett!! We had his party at the JumpZone in Madison. He wanted a "handy manny" party so that is what we did:) The cake was ADORABLE!! He is spending his actual birthday today on his first dove hunt with Daddy. I am sure he is having a blast! His favorite presents were his 'real' guitar from his Big E (my dad) and his new fish "Diego" from PopPop (my stepdad). We will see how long diego makes it;) I will post some stats from his doctors appointment after we go in a few weeks. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

Singing Happy Birthday!

So big!!

So Cute! Cake by "Whatever It Cakes"