Monday, July 6, 2009

So, it's been awhile!

Ok, so i guess it has been entirely too long since i posted something, but i have some good excuses. We moved in with my mom and gene at the end of May, and spent a good bit of time getting settled and continuing to look for a house. I guess i can say that we are settled for the most part. It is still a little weird though, bc we really only have our clothes, beckett's toys, my cook books, and stationary here-We LITERALLY put everything we own in storage. Little did we know that it would be there for quite some time. After searching for house we decided our best bet would be to build. We were having no luck in the house hunt. We officially closed on our lot last week and I already have the plans done-for the most part, so we should start building soon. I am hoping we will be able to get in by Dec.-Jan. but that really depends a lot on things i can't control, so until then we will be here! We can save so much money by not renting and my mom has plenty of room, so we are just going to stay:) Yes, i know you think i am crazy!
But, really the only thing i am stressed about is the fact that ALL of our winter clothes, shoes, jackets, etc....are in the VERY BACK of the storage unit!!! And we will for sure be here for a season change! Should be interesting......
I will post more soon and hopefully some new pics. I have lots more to update about! I might be turning this blog into a design blog before it is all done....i will have lots of decisions to make and might need some help. We still haven't plugged up our computer so i am using mom's and haven't a clue where the camera cord is:)