Monday, July 28, 2008

Lazy Day

Koda is afraid of cameras so these are the best pics i could get:)

Beckett is so funny with her. He will bring all of his toys to her while she is just laying there. Then they have a starring contest until beckett starts sticking his fingers in her mouth and nose and i have to move him. Sweet koda just sits there and takes it all:)

Piled up in my momma's bed.....heaven!

Not much is going on around here today. As you can tell by the pictures Koda is pregnant for sure and the puppies are due this friday! wow! And it is only 102 degrees outside:) they could arrive anytime this week-last time she had them early. She is enjoying her time inside with us bc i know the next 6 weeks are going to be hell for her. Derek is putting a window unit in the garage so hopefully that will help-it better bc there is no way i can have the puppies in the house. I have felt them moving around in there and i am still holding out for less than 8. Derek's guess is 7, my guess is 6. If you would like to guess the quanity, color, and sex...leave a comment and maybe the winner will get a prize...well maybe not a prize but bragging rights:) The daddy is chocolate, last time she had 11 puppies with only one girl, i think there were 4 yellow and the rest were black......
And i threw in this picture of Beckett so everyone would know he is still napping in our bed! I have tried the whole cry it out thing and it doesn't work! I am thinking about moving my pillow into his bed for nap time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated-keep in mind he sleeps in his bed at night, so you would think napping in there would be no problem.
Maybe my next post will be puppy pictures!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Girls Beach Trip

After my much needed trip with girlfriends i am slowly getting back in the swing of things. Every summer my ole miss tri delt friends get together for our girls trip in Destin. This is our 4th year and i hope we are still doing this 20 years down the road. We are already planning an extravagant trip for the 10 year anniversary:) These girls all mean so much to me and i am so glad we have remained close almost 5 years out of college....we always have the best time when we are together and are so sad when it all comes to an end! I am happy to report that due to Mel's big wedding in January we will all be reunited for another fun weekend! This year we were missing catherine and ginna, but don't worry girls we toasted to yall at dinner like a million times:)!!!

reed, veazey, micah, daisy, me
Riding in the "limo van" to dinner-on the outside it was totally an unmarked white kidnapper van but the inside was made to look like a limo!
Our whole group at dinner with our waiter and the owner of the resturant-who did outfit changes as the night when on!
Late night on the beach!
I made everyone that was still left hanging pose for "blog" pics...sadly gretch had already gone up by this time.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shrimp and Grits

I wanted to let everyone know that from now until July 30th i will have the Shrimp and Grits catalouge and will be accepting orders. If this goes well i will do a full clothes show in the fall. For those not familiar with this line it is boys/girls smocked outfits for $48-25!!! It is a great price and they have really cute things. You can visit their website to view the clothes or just call me and i will get with you to view the book.

If you would like to place and order let me know and I will take care of it for you!!!! Here are just a few of the outfits they have to offer!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Our life in bullets:

-Koda is officially pregnant. The puppies should arrive around August 1. She doesn't look near as big as she did last time so we are hoping this litter is no more than 8 puppies. Keep in mind last time she had 11 so anything under 8 seems small to us. She will be coming in to the house next week since it is so hot outside, so this means i get to vacuum more-yippee!

-I am leaving for the beach tomorrow for my girls beach trip with some of my ole miss friends! we have been doing this for 4 years now and i can't wait! Derek will be holding down the fort while i am gone and Beckett will be spending time with my mom and my stepmom during the day. I am sure he will be totally rotten by the time i get home!

-we have been having bad luck with appliances this week, so far we have a defective washing machine, air conditioner, and of course the dishwasher (this has never really worked well though). My handy man husband doesn't seem to think any of this is a big deal. He is trying to fix the AC himself! As long as it is fixed by the time i get home i don't care-he is a mechanical engineer afterall.........

-And last but not least....i am sure some of you have heard, but i mowed our grass for the first time ever! I am so proud of myself!

ok, so that might be the most random, boring post ever, but that is what we have going on around these parts! Here a few pictures to tide you over until i get back!!

Early in the morning
"if you're happy and you know it...."
Cheesy smiles!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

10 Months!!!!

So Beckett's 10 month bday came and went earlier this month. He is getting so big! Lately we have been noticing that he is slimming up (not that he was ever a chubby baby to begin with). He still has his cubby cheeks though-i will be sad if those ever disappear! He is starting is eat some table food and has cut back on his formula-i am hoping this is normal. He probably only gets about 16oz a day, but he is eating lots of baby food so hopefully that makes up the difference. He has been going to mother's morning out one morning a week and i think he seems to like it. He only had one day where he cried the whole 3 hours-bless those ladies who kept him!
His Favorites: Playing patty cake and peekaboo, balls, his red lobster finger puppet, peaches, yogurt, napping with mom and dad, playing with mimi, and of course the usual-popscicles!
He is walking around all the furniture and has become an expert crawler. He loves going through all the cabinets in the house and pulling everything out. I don't think it will be too long before he starts walking. he can take a few steps on his own but i wouldn't really call it walking just yet.
I am sure there are some things i am leaving out, but if i think of them i will add more later. He is such a happy baby and he is at such a fun age-old enough to explore on his own yet still mama's little baby!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Weekend!

Me and Derek at the Alluvian

Long time no post.....Derek and I had a great time at the Alluvian. Derek will admit now that the massage was great! I knew he would love it if he would just give it a shot. We got an upgrade to a suite at the hotel and it was so nice! It had a fireplace and everything. We ate dinner with Roger and Kelly and did some shopping on Saturday before heading back. We were long overdue for our first adult only trip! Beckett did so good with my mom-which means hopefully we will get to have some nights off more often:)
After we got home we loaded up and went to Wolf Lake in Yazoo to meet with with our friends Ron and Laura. Beckett had his first boat ride and of course i didn't have a camera. We put the infant lifejacket on him and he fell asleep on the boat-it was so cute!! I am still mad i didn't get a picture! I can't wait til next summer when our lakehouse is done and we can go there for the weekend!
In other news.....we are still up in the air as too whether or not Koda is preggers. It seems like everyday we look at her and some times she totally looks pregnant and others we are not so sure. I am praying that if she is pregnant maybe this means there aren't but a few in there! I am keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully by the end of this week we will know something for sure.
I started this post 2 days ago with all intentions of posting it the night i wrote it, but Beckett seems to have some sort of fever virus, so once that is over be looking for his 10 month picture-and yes i said 10 MONTHS!!!!!