Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Answered Prayer

For a few months now Derek and I have been thinking about trying to sell our house. We just really need a little more space. I even went so far as to call a realtor to come see the house and tell me what all needed to be done before it went on the market. Well, that list wasn't as bad as i thought it would be but still....I WAS DREADING IT! With me being home 95% of the time with a toddler i couldn't imagine keeping this house straight enough to "show" at the drop of a hat. So i was slowly starting to do a few things here and there, all the while praying that God would just send someone knocking on my door wanting to buy it! I think i even told my friend Katie numerous times that "God never gives you more than you can handle" so maybe he will realize a house on the market is more than i can handle and send me a miracle.......
Well, that is kinda what happened! My SIL is a nurse and she was talking to a coworker one night who was thinking of buying her first house and told her i was thinking about listing mine and i might would let her see it. So after a few phone calls she came to see the house and three days later she made an offer!!! HOLY COW!! I was super pumped....i couldn't believe i just got an offer on a house with NO sign in the yard. So after a few days of negotiating we signed the contract.
Well, here is where it gets crazy-she originally said she wanted to be in on May 22! Um, ok, i couldn't exactly say no, so i agreed. Well we have since pushed it back to closing on May 29th. In the meantime i have been franctically searching for a house! You would think with the economy the way it is this would be easy to do, but trust me it is NOT. As of today, we are going to start packing this week/weekend and focus on that while we wait to see what else pops up on the market. I do have about 3 houses for derek to see Saturday, but i am not holding my breath on us agreeing so easily:) If we don't find a house by May 15th we are just going to move in with my mom and continue looking or maybe think about building. If it comes to this i don't even want to think about how many storage units we are going to have to get:)
Aside from the chaos my life is going to be for the next month, I do know that this was truly a blessing and an answered prayer so we are going to deal with it:) I know there are lots of folks out there who have been trying to sell houses for a long time now. And we know how lucky we got. God is so GOOD!
So if anyone is thinking of selling their house...let me know:) I will try to keep the updates coming as the process continues!!! It should get interesting......Also, in my sentimental moments i might pay a little "homage" to this house before all the stuff starts getting packed, so just endure the cheesy-ness:)

I must end this post by saying "no mom, i am not pregnant!" She assumed after reading my last entry that i was preggo and she called me to ask. I told her whenever that day comes i will tell her LONG before i blog about it:) And at this stage in the game that too would take Divine Intervention:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nashville 09

As many crawfish boils as i go to you would think by now i would eat them:)

cutie pie climbing steps as usual

Helping Daddy get another load of crawfish in the pot
LOVE this face.

Washing his shoes just like Daddy did:)

Playing CornHole with Lee

Beckett with Lee and John
A group played a game of wiffleball one night and Beckett thought it was the greatest thing EVER! I guess I need to get him a tball set. This pic took my breath away...he is starting to look like a big boy:(
With Daddy after the game

Every year one of Derek's good friends family host a crawfish boil in Nashville and every year we go! This year we didn't think we were going to have to take Beckett but it just so happened that we did. He did really well in the car! Which is an answered prayer. And he had a blast all day and night on Saturday. He practically slept the whole way home Sunday and then slept in Monday morning til 9:30!! Anyway, Thanks to Des and his fam for having us, you know we wouldn't miss it!
NOTE: Exciting post up next! I am just really ready for bed tonight:)