Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sugar and Spice......

So if you haven't heard yet, we found out this week that Baby Strong #2 is going to be a BABY GIRL!!!!! I was pretty surprised. I just really thought that it would be another boy! During the ultrasound I kept looking for boy parts and after seeing 3 little lines over and over and over again i realized the boy parts just weren't there. It took the tech a little while to know for sure though bc she was sitting on the cord, so one view would be obviously a girl, but then you would see this cord in the middle so it threw her for a loop:)
I think Derek is a little nervous. He thought it was a girl the whole time, but i think the reality of it is starting to sink in and all he sees are dollar signs:) Beckett will tell you it is a baby sista, but i don't think he really understands that she be here to stay. He did pick her out a few outfits at Sweet Dreams the other day, but tonight he told me she wanted to wear Superman pants, hummmm, could get interesting:) We are all very excited though and I can't wait to start buying smocked bubbles and girlie day gowns!
People ask me a lot if this time has been different from the first and i can say without a doubt that it has been......
-With Beckett I was NEVER sick, not nauseous or anything. This time I was nauseous practically 24 hours a day for 14 weeks
-I passed yet another kidney stone early Saturday morning! Not fun, but not as bad as it could be. I didn't deal with these at all when pregnant with beckett.
-I started having indigestion before i found out i was pregnant this time and it has stuck around, with him it wasn't until the very end
-With Beckett i gained weight continuously at every appt, this time at my 16 week appt. i had only gained 1lb. total. Now, i made up for it by gaining 5 between weeks 16-20, but lets just chalk that up to a baby growth spurt. I am really trying to be more aware of it than last time, bc i know i have the potential to have a big baby and being only 5'-1" you feel every added pound at the end!
-Cravings: with Beck-chicken, fish, veggies, double stuff oreos, real fruit popsicles
Baby Girl-Hamburgers, chocolate milk, hibatchi grill, strawberries, sour patch kids, reese's cups
-But the MOST EXCITING DIFFERNCE is that women who are carrying girls are significantly less likely to develop PUPPP's during pregnancy. This readers is music to my ears:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-oh, and yes i am glad we decided to find out the gender this time. We didn't know with Beckett and while i think everyone should do that at least once I know that we made the right decision for us this go round:)

I will try my best to post a few more updates that are pregnancy related. I feel like with the house and all we have been a little more distracted so far with this one, but obviously she is just as important as her big brother! We just need to get in the house so i can focus on baby stuff!!

House Progress

Things are really moving along out at the new house!! They got the smear up this week and it looks like a totally different house. We have been calling it the brick blob for at least 3 months now. I am sure the neighbors are happy to see that we covered up that cheapo brick we used:) I asked Ryan today and he told me we are looking at about 3-4 weeks before it is done, and i can't wait! Living with the folks has really not been bad (especially during the early weeks of pregnancy-i planned that perfectly:)), but it will be so nice to just have our own space and ALL of our stuff again. I will post some pics of the interior soon as i am sure so many of you are dying to see my BLACK dining room!!!!!!!!! Ok, so it is not really black, but it is VERY dark gray and when the sun goes down it gets even darker, but I love it!! So far it is one of my favorite things about the house. At the rate i am going though my next post might be made from my own computer in my own office:)