Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MSU Baseball

We had such a fun day in Starkville this past Saturday! They really did hook us up in the pressbox! They put us in this room to the side of the pressbox with a huge leather sofa and some chairs. It really was the most comfy seat in the house. We got all kinds of neat stuff-food, drinks, huggies, tshirts, coolers, golf towels, and some bulldog toys for Beckett! Our friends John and Mary Clare came from Memphis to spend the day with us in our "skybox" Beckett did really well bc it was kinda like hanging out at the house all day on the sofa. We bought him an MSU outfit to wear to the game. John was so proud i dressed him like a boy:) And yes he made his debut on the jumbotron!!! The bulldogs didn't win, but we had a great time anyways...
oh, FYI...the french dip at the Grill is sooo not what it used to be. I was VERY disappointed:(

They had these signs hanging around to welcome us to the game. They also announced our presence on the loudspeaker.

Beckett with some of our goodies

Family Pic

Hanging out on the big ole sofa!!!

Beckett Loves a Bath

Beckett is starting to just love taking a bath! He could play in there all night. He can be fussy all afternoon and as soon as he gets in the tub he is perfectly happy. He even cries when i take him out. His favorite bath toy is a plastic cup from Primos-go figure!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Car Seat Help!

Real quick post.....we have been on the search for a 2nd carseat to go in Derek's truck. We have the gigantic Britax Boulevard in my little car, but we need a smaller-LESS EXPENSIVE, easier to move option for the truck. We aren't too concerned about what it looks like we just want to to get the job done without too much trouble. Beckett really won't use it much and we are wanting to spend less than $100.
Any advice???? We are looking at the Graco ComfortSport and the Evenflo Tribute-does anyone have one of these???

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Favorite Things

Beckett loves popsicles and swinging!! I am not sure if he should be eating them or not, but i figure what the is food coming from some place other than me!! Of course he makes a mess, but he looks so cute doing it:) Before anyone worries about the sugar content (my mom) of a popsicle i give him the Real Fruit Sugar Free kind!

Mommy's Helper

Making his Daddy proud-one blush brush at a time!

So many's a bit overwhelming!

No DNA Test Needed

We hear everyday about how Beckett looks exactly like me. I can usually see it, but for some reason when i downloaded these pics it really struck me that he looks so much like me and my baby pics. I still think there is a little bit of derek in him (his crooked pinkies), but for the most part he is his mama made over.

My Husband the Winner!

Derek and I have been planning to go to Starkville to catch a baseball game for months now and we decided this weekend was our best bet. Even though they are terrible this year we wanted and excuse for a family outing. When derek was checking the schedule he entered a contest by Ashley Furniture for the "most comfy seats" in the stadium. Well, needless to say-he WON! We will now be watching the game on Saturday from the pressbox and have an appearance on the Jumbotron!!! I am going to be mortified~I am just telling my self it will be a fun experience for Beckett. We also get free food and drinks and get to bring 2 friends. I guess i need to get Beckett some MSU attire. Does anyone know where i can find that? Seeing as though we are somewhat of a divided household we don't own a million MSU baby outfits. And i figure for Beckett's jumbotron debut he must look the part if nothing else!
For those who know be well you know i am neither here nor there when it comes to athletics. The main reason i am excited about this little trip is we are going to The Grill for lunch!! I am been craving a French Dip for a year now and i can't wait:) I will post pictures of Beckett's first trip to Starkvegas when we get back.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Beach

We got back from the beach yesterday. It was Beckett's second time to go. Harper and I decided it would be a great way to pass some time and enjoy a change of scenery, so we loaded up beckett and causey and hit the road to stay at our condo in Perdido. We both very quickly realized that travel alone with a baby is no vacation! Four hours at the outlet mall is a lot for anyone, but especially for 2 babies!! We did however reward them with a ride on the ferris wheel at the Wharf, but of course we have no pics of this because both mine and harper's camera batteries died within 2 minutes of each other the day before-oh well. We had a good time regardless. These are the only pictures i have...check harper's blog for more.....
We tried to get some pics on the beach, but once Causey
learned to eat sand it just wasn't happening!

Causey taking advantage of the fact that Beckett is not
quite mobile. She could have body slammed him on the
bed all day-he didn't seem to mind though:)

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I've been tagged!

What was i doing 5 years ago?
I was in college trying to finish up my interior design degree. Wondering when derek and I would get engaged

5 Things to do today:
1. Paint my toes
2. go to the mall at get some new shoes to go with the dress i am wearing tonight
3. get a new lighter stroller for Beckett
4. clean up the kitchen
5. go to a wedding tonight

5. Favorite Snacks:
1. grapes and oranges
2. popscicles (sp?)
3. any kind of dips-especially monterray jack salsa
4. cookies
5. powerade slushes from sonic and milkshakes from chickfila

5 things I would do if I were a Billionaire:
2. Let my husband quit his job and start a new fun career doing hunting videos-he claims this would be the life
3. put away money for everything kiddos will need in the future
4. build my dream house and fill it will all new furniture
5. give it away to church, family, friends.....

5 Bad Habits:
1. not folding clothes when they come out of the dryer
2. eating too much junk food
3. staying up too late either reading or playing on the internet
4. not cleaning the house as much as a should
5. tapping my foot or bouncing my leg in the car-it drives derek crazy!

5 places I Have Lived:
1. jackson, ms
2. madison, ms
3. oxford, ms
4. starkville, ms
5. Hilton Head, SC

1. Lifegaurd/Swimming Lessons teacher
2. The Sundial-starkville
3. The Cinnamon Bear-Hilton Head...i was the ice cream scooper/coffee maker girl and i loved it!
4. Interior Designer @JH&H in Jackson-3 years
5. Momma/Wife

5 people I have tagged that need to answer the same questions:
1. Harper
2. Suzanne
3. Melanie
4. whoever else wants to do it!!
5. See #4

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Battle of the Bottle-HELP!!!!!

As i have mentioned in the past we have been trying for quite some time now to get Beckett to consistently take a bottle. He used to take one a day pretty regularly from the time he was about 4 weeks to 4 months. Then he decided to stop! We have gotten him to take one a few times off and on since then but nothing more than maybe one a week or something. I am now trying to get him taking about 2 a day so i can finally have some semblance of freedom and so far it is not going well. As of now when you put a bottle in his mouth he pushes it away and starts pulling on my shirt in search of the real thing!
I have read all kinds of things like....
1. mom leave the house and have someone else give it-we have done this with some success, but still not good enough
2. nurse him for a few minutes and then switch-yeah right...that sent him into a tail spin
3. quit cold turkey and let him scream until he gets hungry enough-not exactly what i had in mind. I don't want to traumatize him. and i would like to keep nursing in the AM
So if anyone has any suggestions i would love to here them. I am trying to cut out nursing at 4pm and then at bedtime. He doesn't take a paci and i think a lot of it has to do with him just wanting me with him-especially at night. He also gets 2 baby food feedings a day.

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Day (well an hour) at the Park

Doesn't he just look thrilled to be in the swing! I think he was concentrating on all the big kids playing around him.

Beckett and the ducks. He actually watched them for quite some time.

7 months!

I am getting so big!!

Just in the past week or so Beckett has decided to get up on all fours! It is cute for a few minutes until i realize that he could become mobile soon!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My first Easter Party

Sparks is showing me how to steal candy from the
big kids!

We spent Good Friday at the Wise's house for their easter party. Beckett was not in the best mood bc he had just gotten his shots, but otherwise we had a fun time!

Easter Bunny Goodies!

This is some good stuff!

The Easter Bunny should have brought bigger
socks, not a sippy cup.....

Real Men Wear Lace

I know I am a little behind in my posting but here are a few pictures of beckett from Easter lunch at Annandale. He looked so cute in his little outfit and behaved so well during lunch.