Monday, November 9, 2009

From this.....

This is the lot as it looked before dirtwork started on Labor Day! And yes Beckett thought he was the coolest kid in town driving the dozer:)

To this.....

I am shocked everytime i drive by the lot by the amount of work they have done in two weeks. We started this process Labor Day weekend and must i remind you that it rained for like two months straight! Getting to this point has taked a lot of patience for sure! We are totally thrilled with the progress and i can't wait to finally start working on the interiors. Beckett loves going to the lot and playing around. We have to go almost everyday and find a dumptruck! I will keep everyone posted as the work continues:)


This was Beckett's first year to officially trick or treat! He has a mild obsession with Doe-Doe (diego) so that is what he wanted to be:) He and Leighton had a great time going from house to house and got a lot of good candy. I think some people were alittle confused on what he was supposed to be but the ones who had kids knew without a doubt!