Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lilla is here!

Lilla Henson Strong
6-30-10, 5:52am
8lbs. 2oz. 19 5/8"

The Story:
I think the last post I made was around 38 weeks and we were waiting to see if she would make her apperance on her own or if I would have to wait until my doctor got back in town for my section. Well, Lilla decided she wanted to hold out until 39 weeks and 2 days. We went on Tuesday June 29 to our 39 week appt. and i was still not dialated, so we scheduled the section for 9am the next day. We went home from that appointment and got a few last minute things together and packed Beckett a bag for my mom's since we had to be at the hospital at 7am we decided to go ahead and let him spend the night. Before we left to drop him off we all went on one last 4-wheeler ride through the neighborhood! We ate a big meal at my mom's and then headed home to get the last few things loaded up.
Around 3am i woke up to go to the bathroom and felt like something was not "right." I decided to lay down since i was planning to wake up in a couple of hours anyways. While laying there i started to have a few cramps so i decided to get up, and once i stood up well, there was no doubt what was happening!! My water broke!! Go figure:) I had been waiting on this for 2 weeks and it happens the night before i am scheduled to go in. We call the hospital and they said to come on in, but that we would probably keep the 9am section time since i wasn't contracting regularly. I took my time getting ready-took a shower, ect....and then we left to go to the hospital around 4am.
On the way there i starting having some contractions but nothing too bad. We went to check-in and they continued. Once they got us in a little holding room we just figured we would hang out there until my section at 9am. The nurse did all the usual stuff-IV, a million questions, monitors, etc. As i was laying there i started to get a bit more uncomfortable so i asked for some meds to help with the pain. She left to get some tributilene (sp?) to stop contractions, and in the meantime another nurse walks in and sees that i am having contractions and suggest my nurse check me just in case, so she did. And, it is a good thing bc i was 6cm!! She said my cervix was quickly disappearing! Nice! She told us she was going to call the doctor on call and for me to tell any family we wanted there to start making there way up there that i probably wouldn't make to 9am, but that i would probably get bumped up to 7am when my doc showed up. Ok, so after about 10 minutes she comes back and says we were doing the section now! Huh? So, we had to call all the family and tell them to get there ASAP. I was taken to the OR about 15min later. Lilla was born at 5:52am and after all that waiting for her to get back in town my doctor didn't even get to deliver her!!
Lilla had a little bit of a respiratory problem following delivery so she had to go straight to the NICU to get her lungs going good. She was only there about 1 hour though-thankfully. The doctor said it is not uncommon for babies to have "wet" lungs following a section bc they don't come through the birth canal. Her apgar was a 8,9 just like Beckett
She looks so much like Beckett did as a baby. Things have been a little crazy around here but not too bad. My mom has been with us all week. She comes in the mornings and leaves when derek get home. That has been a lifesaver bc it is so hard to keep beckett entertained while caring for a newborn. Sometimes, it is hard to believe she is here, but then again she is already such a huge part of our little life that i can't imagine not having her around:) I will update more soon....enjoy the pics!
The Big Brother!!