Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post Christmas Update

Wow, we have been busy. Today is the first day I have been home with nothing to do in quite some time. We had a great Christmas holiday and saw tons of family. Just like the movie says we celebrated Four Christmas' starting Christmas eve and ending on Friday night! Beckett was a trooper and did great the whole time.
Guess what.....Momma got a new camera for Christmas!!! I got a Canon Rebel and I am super excited about it. I took most of our pics with it and i haven't gotten everything set up to download anything yet, so once i get that done i will share some santa shots. Beckett got lots of cute stuff and so far his favorites are his four wheeler and boots from Big E and LeLe and his shopping cart from Santa!
Derek and Beckett have been fighting colds for a couple of weeks now. I am so tired of kleenex i could scream. If beckett doesn't show major improvement in the next couple of days we might be ringing in the new year with a trip to the doctor! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

15 Month Check-up

Today we went for a check up at the doctor. Beckett is doing great and she doesn't seem too concerned about his eating habits. She said it is good that he is eating fruit and drinking his milk. I guess that equals it out or something. He cried for all the typical things to cry about. Such as weight, height, ears, throat, and shots. Other than that it went well. He even showed Dr. R some of his tricks. The doctor did a double take when she saw his height! She thinks he is taller than her 2 year old. She also said she didn't need to wait until his 2 year appt. to tell us he will be tall. He might look just like me but he is built just like derek...crooked pinkies and all :)

Just so i will remember here are some of his favs. Chicken Nuggets! fruit, yogurt melts, mandarin oranges, balls, hats, elmo, barney, the backyardigans, showing you where is nose, belly buttom, eyes, and head are. He has a few words-uh-oh, byebye, ball, dog, mama, dada, iiii-ce...he says is like a total redneck. He loves opening and closing doors and drawers. He cries for hours at MMO-he never stops! This also goes for church nursery. He is all about his momma these days, but is showing a lot more attachment to derek as well. He is very active and is acting like a little boy through and through even though he gets called a girl at least twice a day! He really is the sweetest little boy ever and we are all so thankful to have him in our lives.

Stats at 15 months:
Weight: 25lb 8oz. (60th percentile)
Height: 34 1/2 inches!!!! (off the percentile charts!!) this is crazy to me seeing as though
i am 5'1"
Head: 48cm

Story of a Green Bean

I just wanted to prove to some of you out there that i do attempt to get my child to eat veggies. This is just a sample of the looks we get. He won't even taste them. He sees them and locks his lips and starts shaking his head no! His new thing is he will "move" the veggies to the section of his tray away from the rest of the food. NOT COOL!!!

Christmas Pic Attempts....

Almost a keeper!
At this point i don't care if he is wearing a tee shirt....i just need SOMETHING to work with!

The only smiling pic we have so far!! Cheesy grin!!

Playing in Dada's hat....he is obsessed with hats these days....

We have been attempting to get a Christmas card pic for weeks now with no luck. He is just TOO busy. I am hoping that tomorrow night in Canton we might can get a good one. If any amatuer photographer out there would like some practice let me know. At this point i will pay big bucks for a good picture! If the cards didn't say 2008 i might just scrap the whole thing this year and save them for next year:) Here are a few of the rejects.....

Monday, December 8, 2008

Prayers for John Matthew!

Ok, this will be a short post, but I wanted to ask everyone to keep this sweet little boy and his family in your prayers. John Matthew is currently in Boston awaiting surgery for his medical issues. I am not sure the details, but you can go to their website to find out. I met JM and his family bc his mom, Mandy did Beckett's pics for me a while back. She and i just kinda clicked and i have been keeping in touch with them ever since. I had the privledge of bringing them a meal last week and buying one of the cookbooks they are selling....FYI they are super nice! If you need a last minute Christmas gift this would fit the bill and go to a GREAT cause!!
Anyways, Please say a prayer for this sweet boy, his family, and a speedy recovery so they can get back home!!!