Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

"Yeah, i know i am cute!!"

Valentines Treats!!

Beckett had his school party today for Valentine's. I was trying to come up with something easy and kid friendly to make and these were a hit!!! You could really do them for any occasion....


Large Marshmellows

Baker's Microwavable Chocolate in plastic cup thingy


Melt the chocolate in microwave according to directions. Dip marshmellow in chocolate, then in the sprinkles. Let it hardened, and Voila!! easy, easy!!

Funny Story....

It is a running joke around here about how much Beckett gets called a girl. Literally everywhere we go he is referred to as a she at least once. Derek is always quick to point out when this happens that i dress him like a girl. Well, this past Saturday i was getting a massage (yes it was great, btw) and derek took beckett to Howell's in Flora with some of his friends for a greasy breakfast. I let Derek dress him since he actually took the initiative, and of course derek picks his Wrangler jeans, his John Deere onsie, and cowboy boots. These are the most "boy" clothes beckett has.
Well, when derek got home he was very upset...being the concerned wife i am i asked why. Derek then tells me that the cashier at Howell's told him that Beckett was "The cutest little cowgirl" she has ever seen!!!!! Derek was devestated. I mean how much more boy can you get than wranglers, john deere, and boots!!! So i guess the moral of this story and what i promptly told derek was......I get to keep dressing him like i want bc no matter what he wears people will still call him a girl:)

Not the best pic, but you get the point!!

First Haircut Pics

I know i mentioned this before, but on Jan. 6th Beckett got his first haircut! I really just cut his bangs and just a little off the back-i just wasn't ready for an offical big boy cut! He did really well. Thank goodness for dumdums!! And sadly he is already starting to need another one:(

Dear Evenflo

The turkey is not so bad, but the bananas and oranges are a different story

Dear Evenflo,
We love our highchair. We purchased it because it was affordable and seemed durable. We were just looking for something to "get the job done" I do however have one complaint. It is a design flaw really, and it is about to drive me crazy. You must not realize that the little "cubby" at the top of the food tray becomes just that.....a perfect little spot for stuffing things (i.e.-the food he won't eat). This has been going on for awhile now, but i decided yesterday that scraping smashed bananas out with my fingernails is NOT cool. When my child is done eating he proceeds to stuff whatever food is left into this little slot. I just really needed to vent about this:) And i will add for those who care that other than this we love the highchair-it was worth the $70 for sure!