Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lilla at 6 months

The Stats as of 12/30/10...we are still playing catch-up:

Weight 16lb 15oz

Length 25 1/2 in

Head 42cm

At this point she is still our oh so serious little girl:) Her thunder thighs are in full force and she is still a good sleeper-going 10-12 hours per night and taking 2.5 hours of total naptime per day. I have slowly started introducing some baby food. I made a bunch of homemade stuff and of course she hates it:) Right now I would say she is not a fan of babyfood at all....she is still exclusively nursing about 5 times a day. She also recently mastered sitting up unassisted!!

The Look;)


sowmy said...

really cute :)

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Jackko86 said...

Cute baby you have

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