Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Monkey on the loose!!

Silly little monkey!!!

Happy Halloween! I am frantically trying to get packed to be gone all weekend. Me and Derek are taking our first whole weekend trip away from beckett! We are going Oxford tonight to give a shower for my friend Melinda and then Saturday it is off to Starkvegas for the game. We haven't made a game in two years! We are both really excited about our little getaway and fun with friends we haven't seen in a long time. He is of course more excited about Starkville and i am dying to get to Oxford:).

I didnt' want to leave town without posting some pics of our little monkey!!! Sorry the pics aren't the best...he won't sit still--ever! I will do a BIG update next week so be checking.......until then, everyone have a safe, fun weekend!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Keep your fingers crossed!

Ok so it is 9:40pm and beckett is asleep in his bed for the first time in a week! We decided last night at 1:30am when he was still screaming in his bed and i had to go get him so we could all get some sleep that tonight was it. He was going in his bed at 8pm and WAS NOT getting out! About 20min. ago i brought him a sippy cup of water bc i am sure his throat was hurting from screaming for 1.5hours and i also gave him my pillow off our bed. Hopefully that did the trick bc so far he is asleep! Let's pray it stays that way:)

Camera Help!!!!

Ok, so for my birthday/christmas i want a new camera. I am thinking it is time to just spend the big bucks and get a good one. Here is my question-which one do i get?!? I have been looking at the Nikon N60 and have heard good things about the Canon Rebel. I do use photoshop some and i would love a camera that is VERY user friendly and easy to download the pics onto your computer from (my mom's camera is weird about that). I took photography in college, but i consider myself a beginner in all this for sure. I know i want a digital SLR and something that is not at the top of the price range would be great!
So.....any advice would be appreciated. What kind of camera does everyone use??? what are your likes and dislikes about it???

Friday, October 17, 2008

Who needs sleep?

Obviously not Beckett! This has been a rough week. Beckett recently decided that he is not tired at night and WILL NOT go to sleep. For the past 4 nights our bedtimes have been as follows: 10pm, 11pm, 11pm, 12am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't figure out what is going on. I let him cry in his bed last night from 10-12am. I was convinced he had something wrong so today i took him for his last flu shots and had her look at his ears just in case. As expected his ears were fine and then she told me his throat looked red. Geez, i wonder why? I told her i have been letting him cry for hours. She assured me that it really is the best thing to do and trust me i do feel bad about it, but i am at a total loss! Last night i gave in at midnight at brought him to bed with us hoping he was just sick or something. I guess tonight we will just leave him in there.
Has anyone else had this problem?? i am praying it is a phase. He normally goes to bed around 8 or so. If anyone has any ideas feel free to pass them along. I am totally over this, but then i look at him today in his cute sock monkey outfit and it makes it just a tad better:) I need to get a pic of him in this outfit when he wakes up from his nap-it is really cute!! TGIF!!!!!!

Pumpkin Patch 2008

I found one!!
So many pumpkin to little time! this pig is cool!!!!
Beckett and his "stolen" pumpkin, which now lives on our front porch.
Have a seat!
Sparks striking a pose!
Oh i love this thing!!!!!!!!

A group of us visited the pumpkin patch at the Ag Museum yesterday. Beckett had a great time. He was worn out by the time it was over. I was surprised by his behavior with the animals. At the fair he really didn't care about them at all, but he seemed to warm up to the ones here. He reallly liked the pig! Everyone got to take a pumpkin from the little patch, but while i wasn't looking Beckett walked up to some lady and took hers! Even though she said it was fine i am sure she wasn't to excited that a baby stole her lovely pumpkin-oh well!

Friday, October 10, 2008

MS State Fair!

Not to excited about touching the animals!

Running like a wild man!

Last night me, derek and Beckett went with the McMasters to the fair. Beckett rode a few rides and even went down the big slide! My mom about had a heart attack when she found out I took him up there, but i really didn't think it was a big deal and he really loved it! Will M. really had a great time too-he got to ride more things than Beckett. I can't believe Derek didn't get any pics of us on the big yellow slide! Funny of the night-We walked by a tent a man was outside holding a baby alligator. Will of course thought it was awesome and got to hold and pet the gator, however when the man brought it up to beckett's stroller he FLIPPED out and started screaming bloody murder. I think he just wanted to help his momma prove her point to daddy that he has no plans of ever going on the gator hunt:)
If anyone is at the fair tonight come see me at the Wordless Tent. I am going to be there with a group from our church. I am a little nervous with it being Friday night and all but i know it is for a good cause.

The Beach!

So Sweet...So busy....
Up and down and up and down
Leighton loved playing with the bucket and shovel, Beckett just wanted his football back!
Last week we took our friends Katie and Leighton to the beach with us! The daddy's were going on a fishing trip for the weekend and we didn't want to be stuck at home so we packed up and headed to Perdido. If you go to the Butlers on the side bar you can read a little more in depth about our trip, but all in all we had a great time. Beckett loves the water and is not at all afraid of it. This makes for an interesting morning around the pool. He also is now obsessed with climbing up and down stairs. If he sees any steps anywhere he makes a beeline for them. Derek took him out in the ocean and he had the best time getting knocked over by the waves! And when it came to playing in the sand all he wanted to do was throw the big football. I think we have a future ball player on our hands! Enjoy the pics!