Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

Ok, so i thought my next post would include pics from our trip to the beach, but we didn't quite make it down there. We were supposed to leave after lunch on thursday, but Beckett woke up from his nap running a fever so we made a quick decision to stay home. I was afraid it might be the stomach virus and i didn't want to find that out in the car half way out of town. Needless to say he woke up friday morning fever free and back to his normal self....weird.....
Derek went hunting and left me and Beckett to fend for ourselves yesterday and today. We are so bored! We did a bit of shopping yesterday and church today, but for the most part we have just been home playing. He has developed an attachment to Derek's real football so for the past couple of days it has been going everywhere with us-it even went to church today! When i tell him we are going byebye he goes and gets his ball and takes it to the car. I tried so hard to get him to attach to a blankie or lovely, and of course he pics a football that i can't even pick up with one hand! He is starting MMO at a local church this week, so pray that goes well. He doesn't have the best track record when it comes to being away from me.
Also, I have been looking for a new TREE TOPPER. Right now we have a big red bow that has seen better days and derek hates it so i am looking for something new-a star i think. I know you can get one on the internet, but i would really like to see it first. Has anyone seen any pretty ones out in the stores???? If you have leave me a comment and tell me where.
Hope eveyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. I will post some new pics soon!

Friday, November 21, 2008

God Bless Whirlpool!

Anyone who knows me well knows that for the past 2+ years i have been fighting a never ending battle with my dishwasher. Our history goes way back......About 2 years ago our dishwasher broke-stopped draining to be exact. Well, derek and i spent about 3 weekends shopping around for a new one. We finally bought one and got it home where it sat in the garage waiting for derek to install it. So one night i had a Christmas party to go to and derek and his dad were going to put in the new washer while i was gone-perfect! Well i return to the house that night and see my hubby and FIL laying in my kitchen floor finishing up RE-INSTALLING the OLD one!!! WHAT-you must be kidding me....i was LIVID. I had spent my past 3 weekends shopping for the new one and now you tell me you "fixed" the old one! Please tell me you are kidding. I think i remember dragging Derek into the closet away from his parents to throw a hissy fit. Needless to say Derek won this battle and we returned my lovely new dishwasher to the store. For the next 2 years i used a mediocre dishwasher that barely cleaned, much less sanitized my dishes....

Now fastforward to a few weeks ago.....well the original dishwasher finally got bad enough for derek to listen to my pleas. I mean you couldn't roll the baskets in and out, not to mention the wheels were falling off. Oh, and one more thing-the soap door has never closed! So all the soap just runs down the door-hence the reason it was not washing properly. SOOOO....we finally got a new dishwasher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't you just hear the Angels!!!! I could...that's for sure.....

I love my new dishwasher. It has digital buttons and everything. This is a HUGE plus in my book because now Beckett can't turn it on whenever he feels like it.....oh, and it even has the silverware basket in the door--we are BIGTIME now people:) And what i think is even better-it set us back less than $400 thanks to my mad bargaining skills at Sears:) So, without further adieu...i give you my new dishwasher!!!

MSU Weekend

Trust me he was not as miserable as he looks...disappointed about the game-yes, but miserable no.....

A few weekends ago Derek and I spent a weekend in oxford and starkville. Well over the course of the whole weekend i only took one picture and of course Derek had to strike one of his poses and make it not cute! He thinks it is so funny when he purposely poses weird in our pictures. You should see the pictures from us leaving our wedding reception-i am still mad about it to this know the one where everyone is throwing the petals, well derek closed his eyes and smiled like a complete goofball the whole way down, so none of them are frame worthy:)

Mealtime...or lack thereof!

As some of you might know Beckett doesn't eat anything but chicken nuggets, fruit, grill cheese and yogurt. And i say this in all seriousness. It is a problem we know, but we just aren't sure what to do about it. He won't even try anything new. If you manage to sneak something in his mouth he immediately spits it right back out at you. I know that kids don't require much food to function, but i just worry bc he won't eat any veggies. So one night i made him yet another Gerber meal to try and this time i decided to put it in a bowl and give him a fork. Bad idea-he didn't eat one bit and the pictures should speak for themselves.......

Fun in the park!

He didn't think the swings were near as cool as i did.

Ok, i am totally playing catch up here. And at some point i am going to get the CD with his bday pics on it and show yall those too!
A few weeks ago we took Beckett to the park. The weather was perfect and he loved the slide! He also loved trying to chase the ducks into the water:) I learned on this park trip that I won't be taking him without derek to help me wrangle him. He is getting SO hard to photograph these days bc he moves constantly.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The elusive brown onesie!

Ok, does anyone know where i can find long sleeve brown onesies-the turtleneck kind?? i have been looking EVERYWHERE for one. We have a couple of winter outfits that we need one to wear with them. I am totally lost. I can't find one on the internet either. Any suggestions????

I am off to the Big Easy for a bachlorette party for my friend Melinda this weekend. We are staying at the Ritz!!! I can't wait-should be interesting:) But what is going to be even more interesting is that Derek is on baby duty all weekend!!! Pics when i get back......

Update: Thanks to Claire Green, Beckett now has his brown onesie. Claire saw one at Toys R Us of all places and notified my SIL who is her sweet baby girls nurse at UMC and sunday afternoon we made a trip a picked one up! So thanks claire and yippee for big girl beds!!!
Also, i am obviously back from the Bachlorette weekend in N.O. but i am also sick-AGAIN! this time with a bad once i am back to normal i will post some new pics.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Blog Award

Ok, so my friend Emily tagged me awhile back with this nifty little award and i think that means i am supposed to list 6 interesting facts about myself.....lets see what i can come up with shall we!

1. I am an only child. I do however have 3 step brothers, 1 step sister, and 1 half brother....confused yet??? My mom and dad divorced when i was young and have both since remarried. My stepdad had 3 kids from his first marriage-so this gives me 2 step brothers and 1 step sister. My stepmom had one son from her first marriage and then she and my dad had a son together-giving me 1 more step brother and a half brother (who is 10 years younger than me). I consider James and Carson as just my brothers, so if you hear me mention "my brother did so and so" i am talking about one of them 9 times out of 10. James also has one of Koda's recent puppies-his name is Max and he is supposedly HUGE! So i am sure you are wondering why i consider myself an only child-the reason is....i am my mom's only child and I never grew up with any kids in the house except for me:)

2. While we are on the subject of my childhood i will throw this one out too.....When i was in 2nd grade my mom got me a cat, her name is Abby. If you do the math you will figure out that at Abby's bday in April she will be 20 years old!!!!! CRAZZZZY!! If she makes it to 20 we are all going to celebrate with dinner at a nice resturant in her honor:) I must add that Abby is the meanest cat on the face of the stepdad calls her satan. My friend Harper will vouch for her meaness. But don't worry mom...i will be sad when she dies. My mom blames me for Abby's behavior. She says i terrorized her when she was just a kitten. oh, and Kimberly Cameron-if you are reading this...we got Abby from your across the street neighbors 20 years ago following one of our playdates:)

3. Me and Derek have the same middle name...Leigh/Lee. Hence the reason for Beckett Lee. I guess our next child will just be the odd one out:) Also strange, if i was a boy my name was going to be Derek-crazy huh??

4. If you ask me what my hobbies are i usually say reading, antiques, and oil paintings. I love looking for good deals on antiques and i am eyeing a certain artist for my next painting purchase-we shall see though. Both of those are kinda expensive hobbies, and if you asked derek he would say so are my books! He has been begging me to get a library card for years now, but i just can't-it is not the same. I could sit in Barnes and Noble for HOURS just reading book covers and narrowing down my 3 choices. I really like going late a night when there is no one there and i can just sit right down in the aisle. I read really fast and have tons of books, so if you are ever wondering about a good book to read just let me know. My go-to writer is Jodie Picoult-so far i have loved all of her books.

5. Two of my biggest pet peeves are toothpaste spit and ironing. Let me explain. I HATE watching other people brush their teeth especially those of you who let the toothpaste spit run down your chin! And heaven forbid you try to talk to me while brushing-no thanks, i will just wait. And ironing needs no explaination. I never did any of my ironing growing up. My Luella ironed EVERYTHING for me. From socks and tshirts to jeans, so i never really learned how and i am terrible at it, so if derek wants it ironed he does it. Not to sound like the bad wife or anything i will add i have done it a handful of times but not many. Derek-if you are reading the solution to the problem is the dry cleaners...everyone else goes there-why can't we???

6. I am digging here, so i don't know how interesting this is.....but when i was little i used to love to rollerskate. I remember going to the skating rink and they would play Wind Beneath My Wings and i would try so hard to skate my best to that song because i thought it was the greatest song EVER. And if i fell i would get so upset that i would go to the DJ booth and ask them to play it again so i could start over! Ok, so now everyone officially has something to make fun of me for:)

6a. some of you are probably wondering how i remember something so strange, but one last interesting fact about me is my childhood friends swear i remember every story and everyone we ever knew. I think they all plan to stick close to me at our reunion next year, so i can remind them who everyone is:) I guess i just have a very photographic memory-at least i think that is what you would call it.....

So now i think i need to award/tag 6 people: Katie B., Harper, Elizabeth Q., Kelly E., Melanie, and Samantha

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Ok so today i am the big 28! I had big plans for a good update tonight, but last night i started running fever. My mom had to come stay with us bc derek is gone to Chicago for training with his new job (will post more on that later) Anyway i knew i was getting sick so I had my mom come spend the night so she could take care of Beckett. i woke up this morning with really high fever and felt AWFUL, so i went to the doctor and to make a long story short i got 2 shots and 3 prescriptions-they are treating me for the FLU AND STREP THROAT!! So momma is taking care of beckett and i am spending my bday sick for the 2nd time in two years!
Thanks to everyone who has called today. I am sorry if i haven't answered, but i feel terrible. I will call everyone back when i get to feeling better hopefully tomorrow. Don't forget to vote tomorrow! I will be dragging myself up there at some point.....